Friday, April 15, 2011

An Angel

Have you ever heard about Prophet Yusuf (Joseph) A.S story with Zulaikha?

If you ever heard the story, in this story we learn about Zulaikha affections toward Joseph and her efforts to seduce him which fails. After this story being revealed all around the empire, and everyone condemned Zulaikha, she manages a fest with noble women being invited in to justify herself. She gives each an orange and lets the Joseph to reveal himself. Here all the women cut their hands since they can’t prevent looking at him and yet they still didn't realise it. And then Zulaikha said, "See, you're all just see him for a moment and look what you've done to yourself. You cut your fingers. Now you know how I feel everyday seeing him very closely"

When I was in elementary school, my teacher told me that Prophet Yusuf is the most handsome man on earth. Starting from the earth beginning till the earth ends... Can you imagine how great looking he is?

Why I wrote about this??? Because I thought I met my Joseph... And I feel like Zulaikha, who feel like crazy whenever I see him. Some of my friends laughed at me, and called me silly... But when they did see him, their jaw fell down to the floor... They just could not take their eyes of him. Then all I can say to them (like what Zulaikha said to the other women back then), "See... now you know how I feel seeing him very closely every time he came"

Fiiiiiiuuuuuhhhh... I just need to let go these things from my head in my writing... So I can think normally again ....

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Tuesday, April 05, 2011

When a Man Loves a Woman

Yesterday I didn't come to the office due to fever... Got bored after long day resting... I end up watching one of my fave... It's called When a Man loves a Woman....

Hhhhh.. my MOST fave movie....

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